There are numerous situations where potential mortgage customers don’t fit the standard criteria of most lenders, as they pitch for the typical customer in terms of traditional employed income, clean credit history and with many years until retirement.  You need not despair however, as we can usually find a lender in the market who can help when all that’s needed is a reasonable personal assessment rather than a box ticking exercise.

Our experienced advisors have most likely helped customers with very similar circumstances to yours before and already know where to start in finding a lender who can accommodate your circumstances.  Even if not, with access to thousands of potential mortgage deals and contacts within lenders large and small, we’ll be able to find out what’s possible.

Starting with an initial assessment of your situation we’ll see how we might be best able to help.  Thereafter your advisor will perform a more detailed search, provide a personalised recommendation and take care of the application for you.  Even if we can’t help you with a mortgage, there may be alternative borrowing options we can suggest you consider.

As we don’t charge you a fee until we’ve secured you a suitable mortgage offer, we’re 100% committed to doing our utmost to find you a solution and you have the peace of mind that if after all our efforts we can’t get you a mortgage, you won’t pay us a penny.

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Examples of Customers we can Help

Many lenders require you to have three years trading under your belt, but there are lenders who will accept just two or even one year. This needn’t be of itself a significant issue.
Most lenders are very prudent when assessing the level of income your business provides you, taking the lower of average profits for the few years and the most recent year. This can be an issue when you’ve chosen to re-investment in the business and as a result profits have temporarily dipped. This can also be an issue if the business is relatively new and the start up years are pulling down a fair assessment of your income today. Thankfully there are lenders we deal regularly with who deal with such situations well and can look at the underlying situation.
Many owners of Limited Companies choose to retain much of the profits in the business rather than taking it out as salary or dividends. Most lenders will only consider what’s taken out as your income for the purposes of assessing the mortgage you can afford, but there are a few lenders we know of who can take into account such retained earnings when required and accompanied by a suitable explanation.
As most lenders are more conservative in lending to self employed applicants, those looking to borrow large amounts or put down low deposits can often find themselves refused by lenders who would have otherwise helped. Thankfully there are a few lenders who have a little more flexibility that we have access to.
Contractors can often find themselves in limbo between mortgage criteria for employed and self-employed applicants. There are fortunately a group of lenders who cater specifically for contractors, especially if you’ve been consistently employed or recently converted from salaried employment in a similar role or field.
Retirees often find difficulties with lenders maximum age criteria, but there are a few lenders we know who stretch beyond the norm
An unfortunate consequence of mortgage regulatory change in 2014 was that many lenders further restricted lending into retirement. Its certainly more difficult to do, but its still possible with a number of lenders if we can prove how you’ll be able to afford the repayments from your pension provisions.
For such a broad topic we’ve created a specific section
See our adverse credit section
Mortgages for customers looking to fund a building project are from specialist lenders if your numbers and build plans stack up. If you’re planning a significant renovation project it may be the property is deemed unsuitable for a standard mortgage and that you’ll need more specialist self build type financing.
Lenders’ criteria on residency and citizenship can be confusing and restrictive. There are however some who are better than the others for non-UK and non-EU citizens – let you advisor know the situation and they’ll quickly assess what the options are.

Today its very difficult for ex-patriots to secure a mortgage on a UK property, but if you have a significant deposit (usually 35% or more) then we know of a few lenders who can help.

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Simply if you have a more complex set of circumstances you're best to speak with an advisor.

Before you call

To help give you the best advice as quickly as possible it’s useful to consider having the following details to hand

Self employed – your figures for the last 3 years (or shorter if trading for less). Key figures are salary, dividends & profits.

Adverse Credit – your credit file and details of any historic defaults, CCJs or Bankruptcies / IVAs not shown on it. Click here to see how to get your credit file.

Lending into Retirement – details of your current and projected pension pot or final salary scheme.



An overview of what's possible and help getting and understanding your credit file
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Where we believe that a mortgage is not the most suitable finance option, or if a mortgage is unobtainable, we can look at whether alternative finance options may be suitable. If that looks promising, and with your permission, your advisor will pass your details to one of our specialist partners to assist you.

These are arranged through our business partners