Your mortgage is likely to be your most expensive monthly outlay and so it’s important to get good advice and a great rate on it. Whether you’re simply looking to re-finance the existing loan for a cheaper rate and monthly payments, or looking to restructure your finances by increasing or reducing the amount of mortgage borrowing, we’re ready to assist.

Our experienced advisors will guide you every step of the way, from initial assessment of monthly payments and affordability , through choosing a specific product that’s right for you and taking care of the application process. At each stage we’ll make sure you understand what’s happening and what will happen next, using simple jargon free language and answer any questions you may have.

If you’ve just had a ‘renewal’ offer from your current lender, why not let us see if we can beat it – it won’t cost you a penny if we can’t, but it could save you a significant sum based on our experience.  With access to over 90 lenders and exclusive deals, the odds are very good we can beat what your being offered.

We’d love for you to call us to discuss your needs, but if all you want to know is what deals are currently topping the “best-buy” tables, then you can use our Online Quote Enquiry if that’s easier.  We’ll have a look and email you the results of our search.

  • Access to exclusive deals
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With most bank’s Standard Variable Rates (SVR) between 4% and 5% you could save up to £245 per month
Your Mortagage Broker, based on a typical £150,000 mortgage
Even saving just 0.1% from your current lenders renewal deal could add up to £2,000 over the life of the mortgage.
Your Mortgage Broker, based on a typical £150,000 mortgage
Please note that you may have to pay an early repayment charge to your existing lender if you remortgage, this should be discussed with your advisor.
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When to Remortgage

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An obvious time to remortgage is as your current deal comes to an end, reverting to your lenders ‘go-to’ rate which is often known as a Standard Variable Rate (SVR) and is usually more expensive than that you’ve just been paying.  The deals your current lender offer you are unlikely to have much of a loyalty discount and given the number of potential lenders in the UK are unlikely to be the best deal available.  It’s worth noting that you don’t have to wait until you’re on SVR to act.  Your lender will likely contact you months beforehand and we’d recommend you speak to us around the same time (typically 3 months before your deal’s expiry).  We can have everything set up to transfer on the appropriate date.
With no hard deadline to focus the mind it can be easy to let the task of checking the options available slip.  We recommend acting as the amounts can add up significantly over time and you may be missing a chance to fix your interest rate for a period.  If you know just a few basic details such as the term and balance of your current mortgage and have an idea of your house’s value, then why not give us a call or complete our online quick quote request and see if we can beat what you’re paying now.
For most customers still in a ‘deal period’ (e.g. the first 2 years of a a 2 year fixed product), the cost of penalties to exit your current mortgage during that deal period is more than can be saved by securing a lower rate.  However if you need to refinance during this time, for example if you need additional borrowing, we can work through the numbers with you, explain the true costs of doing so, and take it from there.

Outside of any deal period and without exit fees is the best time to consider raising additional funds from your equity.

If you think that interest rates will rise soon then now might be the time for you to take a fixed rate deal to lock in current mortgage rates for the years to come.
YES. Whilst its certainly easiest to maintain your mortgage with the current lender, we’ll deal with most of the administrative burden for you. You will need to spend a little while talking with us, supplying key information and documents, but its not too onerous. Also the amounts involved add up quickly, given the size of your mortgage commitments relative to everything else. For example, saving just half a percent on the interest rate on a £150,000 mortgage equals c£725 in that first year.*

* Assumes a 15 year remaining term on a capital and interest basis.



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We can usually give you a headline view of your likely maximum borrowing achievable over the phone in 5-10 minutes.