If you’ve had past credit problems you may find it difficult to get a mortgage, particularly from most of the high street banks who tend to be very conservative in this area.  There are lenders out there however who are willing to be a little more flexible on your current situation.

These more forgiving lenders fall into two broad categories: (1) Mainstream mortgage lenders who will overlook minor or long past issues; and (2) Specialist ‘Adverse Credit’ mortgage lenders.

The mortgages available from the specialist ‘adverse credit’ lenders depends on how, when and if the last credit issue was resolved.  This will always need to be on the basis that you can now afford the repayments of any mortgage being sought, and will likely come at the cost of a higher interest rate for the lender taking the higher perceived risk.

The more accurate the information you can provide to us as early in our conversations as possible, the quicker we can give you an accurate answer.  On of the easiest ways to start is to get hold of your credit file, if you haven’t already, and share that with us.

Our experienced mortgage advisors have most likely dealt with customers in similar circumstances to yours before and will start with an initial assessment of your situation to see how we can help. Thereafter your advisor will perform a more detailed search, provide a personalised recommendation and take care of the application for you. Even if we can’t help you with a mortgage, there may be alternative borrowing options we can suggest you consider.

Here at Your Mortgage Broker we don’t charge you a fee until we’ve secured you a suitable mortgage offer, we’re 100% committed to doing our utmost to find you a solution and you have the peace of mind that if after all our efforts we can’t get you a mortgage, you won’t pay us a penny.

  • Low Credit Score
  • Missed Payments
  • Payment Arrears
  • Defaults and CCJs
  • Bankruptcies & IVAs
  • Debt Management Plans
Any late payments in the last 12 months, even if just by a day, can affect your mortgage choices – let your advisor know if this applies
Your Mortgage Broker
Specialist poor credit mortgage lenders usually require higher deposits and charge higher rates of interest and fees.
Your Mortgage Broker
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Things to Consider


With more complex circumstances you're best to speak with an advisor.

Before you call

To help give you the best advice as quickly as possible its useful to consider having the following details to hand

Your credit file

Details of any historic defaults, CCJs or Bankruptcies / IVAs not shown on it

For these we would wish to know the date, amount, reason for issue, date registered, date settled (if settled), any amount remaining



Obtain and understand credit bureau data held on you
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If a mortgage is not obtainable or not the most suitable finance option, we can sometimes look at alternative finance options. If these look suitable, and with your permission, your advisor will pass your details to one of our specialist partners to assist you.

These are arranged through our business partners