As well as paying a solicitor or licensed conveyancer for the work he or she does, you’ll have to pay the cost of land registry charges and local search fees. If your lender has their own solicitor acting for them, you may have to pay their fees as well.
Should you wish, we can perform a search for a competitively priced solicitor for you.
This is a tax paid by you when you buy a property worth £125,001 or more in England and £145,001 or more in Scotland. The amount you pay will depend on the value of the property you’re buying and whether you own any other properties.
You may need to pay for a valuation or survey. The amount you pay will depend on the type of valuation or survey you choose. Click here for more information on types of survey.
Most mortgage lenders will charge you fees in addition to the interest you’ll pay on the mortgage. These can include arrangement and application fees, mortgage account fees, exit fees and administration fees. Sometimes a lender will charge a fee in return for a lower interest rate and resulting monthly payments. Often fees can be added to the amount borrowed loan amount, but that will usually mean the total cost is greater in the long term.
Our advisors can calculate the ‘true cost’ of any mortgage for you and make a recommendation accordingly, taking account of the interest rates, fees and any incentives on offer across thousands of deals.
Upon successfully securing you a mortgage offer our fee of £399 becomes due. Rest assured that if for any reason we are unable to find you a mortgage, we won’t receive a penny.
Don’t forget that you’ll likely need to pay a professional removal firm to move your belongings into your new home.
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