To give you first-rate advice and deal with your applications as efficiently as possible, we require a number of documents from you before we can make any formal product recommendations or applications on your behalf.

These document requirements are quite specific, reflecting the regulatory requirements which are ultimately there for your protection.

Our experience is that to avoid potential delays you should invest a couple of minutes reading the notes below on the documents required and ensure everything is sent in at the same time.

Your advisor will let you know what documents are required for your particular circumstances at the appropriate stage, but here is our standard requirements list if you’re keen to start looking out the paperwork or want to check if you have everything you’ll need.

If there’s anything you don’t have, don’t despair as often we can help suggest suitable alternatives or advise on how to get the missing item.

Our FormsSigned copies of our Data Protection/Contact Consent and our Fee Agreement forms.

Simply these give us permission to hold and use appropriately your information, contact you about your mortgage and insurance needs, and agree our fee of £399 is due once we have secured you a formal mortgage offer.

Online Forms to Print if required:  Contact & Data Consent, Fee Agreement

Bank    StatementsThe latest 3 months statements for your main current account showing the receipt of your income and your main household expenses (eg utility bills and council tax)

If necessary you can send more than one set of statements for different accounts.  Please ensure there are no ‘gaps’ in the dates provided. Original paper statements or suitably printed or PDF’d online bank statements.

Notes on PDF Bank Statements

Lenders have strict requirements on what can be accepted – the general rule is that they must show the bank logo, your name, your sort code, your account number and either your address or the “https://” secure website address (usually along the bottom of the page).  A simple transactions report, rather than a statement, will often not meet these requirements.

Our Bank by Bank Guide to getting suitable PDF Statements.

Proof of  Income           Employed ClientsYour last four (4) monthly payslips (or 13 if weekly) and P60 for the last tax year

Originals required.  Online payslips can be printed and sent in.  If you receive your payslips as PDFs you can simply email these in if easier.   If relying on bonuses to bolster your income, please provide last 2 years.

Self- Employed Clients (Ltd Company Directors / Owners)

Last 3 years final signed accounts, certified by a qualified accountant.

Must be final accounts (not draft).  Accounts must end no more than 17 months ago.  You can have your accountant send these directly to us if easier.

Self- Employed Clients (Sole Traders / Partnerships)

Last 3 years SA302 Tax Forms and the same Tax Year Overviews from HMRC.

Original SA302s required, not an internet printed version – HMRC will send you copies upon request (usually within 7 days).  We can accept internet printed Tax Year Overviews. 

Proof of ID 


Proof of Address

ID: One of either your passport or driving license.

Address: One of the following

  • HMRC tax code notification for this or next tax year
  • Council tax demand letter or statement dated within the last 12 months
  • Current TV Licence, Vehicle Registration/Tax renewal document
  • Current House or Motor insurance certificate
  • Bank statement, Credit card statement, or Mortgage statement issued within the last 3 months
  • Utility bill issued within the last 6 months
  • Driving license if not already used as ID above

If you are unable to provide these ID or Address proofs let us know and we can discuss alternative documents that may be acceptable.

Mortgage Statement

(if applicable)

If you currently have, or have recently had, any mortgage then please send your most recent annual mortgage statement for each mortgaged property that you own (including Buy to Lets).

Original paper copy or online printed version.

Proof of        Deposit

(if applicable)  

The last 3 months of savings statements or similar to prove your deposit.

Original paper statements or suitably printed / PDF’d online bank statements (see guidance on bank statements above).

If all your deposit is coming from equity in property you can ignore this requirement.  If just part then we require evidence for the rest.

If part or all of your deposit is coming by way of a gift, we will require a “Gifted Deposit” form completed by the donor and 3 months of statements from them.

Adverse Credit

(if applicable)

If any applicant has had adverse credit we require all applicants credit reports

E.g. Arrears, defaults, CCJs, arrears, bankruptcy, repossession, IVA, Debt Mgmt Plans, etc

Our Guidance on getting your Credit Report.

Other Income

(if applicable)

Appropriate documentation as discussed with your adviser.

Receipt of this income must be seen in bank statements – if required send others.

Buy To Let

(if applicable)

Rental contracts / tenancy agreements for each of your rented properties and those you are seeking to mortgage.

Bank statements provided must include all rental incomes received on you rental properties – if necessary send us statements for more than one account (for example if you have a separate account for your Rental Properties from your main daily current account).

All applicants must be covered by the above, for example if two employed applicants we will need two sets of payslips and P60s and if two applicants do not share a main current account, bank accounts for each required.
When sending Passports or Driving Licenses we highly recommend using Royal Mail’s ‘Signed For’ service

Any mail received by this service will be returned by the same.

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